Site Features

  • Easiest setup possible. Just fill out a few forms.
  • Slideshow (you select images)
  • Continuously updating Scroller of Psychic News
  • You select template for your desired theme.
  • Home, Biography, Readings and Contact pages
  • Optional extra page which you can name
  • Option to Hide or Show site in search engine results
  • Set your own Reading Times and Prices.
  • You retain 100% of earnings.
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Start A Psychic Line

A fully developed website for the sale of psychic advice to members on a price-per-minute basis (prices individually set by psychics). Click here to view website

  1. Technical Backup included. I'll help you.
  2. Desktop and Mobile versions included
  3. Use any Domain Name you wish
  4. Automated Registration process for Psychic Readers
    • An unlock key system (controlled by an administrator) grants registration access to new psychic readers only after they have been qualified to join.
    • Sends email to psychic reader for email address verification.
    • Provides forms for psychic readers to input all data and preferences relevant to their listings.
    • Creates public listing and bio/profile page.
  5. Login Page for Psychic Readers - Features:
    • Set availability status (available, on a call, offline).
    • Edit Reader Profile (Password, email addresses, phone numbers, photo, bio).
    • Set Preferences (reading types, email price, price per min., specialty areas, tools, abilities, reading style, weekly schedule, timezone).
    • Display financial info (payment history, paid ytd, last pay date, past pay amt, earning this period).
    • Review current appointments, client testimonials, reading history.
    • View free questions submitted by site visitors, Reader FAQs, Login to Chat Admin.
    • Send email message to Member.
  6. Login Page for Members - Features:
    • Edit Member Profile - Change password, email address, phone, timezone.
    • View reading history, current account balance.
    • Add Funds to Account.
    • Display Member's current appointments.
    • Send email message to Psychic Reader.
  7. Dynamic Timezone Adaptation. Site visitors, whether signed in as members or not, will see all times in their own local timezones (time of day, reader schedules, appointments, email notifications, etc.).
  8. Scheduling System allows psychic readers to set their own weekly schedule of available times.
  9. Dynamic Appointment System allows any Member to make an appointment with a psychic reader from available times.
  10. Different Reading Types. In their preferences, readers may select the types of readings they are willing to give. Possible options:
    • Phone - Live reading given over the phone.
    • Chat - Live, one-on-one chat reading given in private chatroom.
    • Email - Paid email response to questions submitted by Member.
  11. Dynamic Reader Status display. In the psychic reader listings and in the bio/profile pages, the availability status of each reader is continuously updated to reflect current status:
    • Available - able to receive calls and take readings.
    • Offline - Unable to receive calls or to take readings. When a reader's status is offline, a Member may not order live readings.
    • On A Call - A reader's availability status will show as 'on a call' during any live reading.
  12. Revenue - Revenue is acquired through Members' funding of their own accounts so that they can order psychic readings. From their login pages, Members add funds via Paypal. Utilizing Paypal's Instant Payment Notification, the payment is verified and added to Member's account automatically.
  13. Email Notifications - Email notifications are sent to both Psychics and Members regarding Registration, Appointments, Free Questions, Live Reading Reminders, etc. Other notifications are sent to Administrator when Reader Bios are updated, new photos are uploaded, email communication occurs between Readers and Members, etc.
  14. Promotional Tools - These tools are voluntary and optional for readers to help them create for themselves a wider customer base.
    • Psychic Chat - A free public chat (all original php script - written especially for this website) where psychics can showcase their talents. Psychic Chat is based on a model established by the highly successful, which eventually sold for millions of dollars. The admin interface allows a psychic moderator to bring participants, one at a time, into a private room for one-on-one readings.
    • Answer Free Questions - Most pages on the site contain a form for site visitors to submit free questions concerning their lives or circumstances. Any psychic may peruse these questions, pick and choose the ones they wish to answer, and submit answers back to the petitioners.
  15. Administrator Login - Administrators can:
    • Send Unlock Keys to approved psychics so they can register on the site.
    • View Reader Info from database.
    • View Member info from database.
    • View Psychic Chat Archives.
    • Do payroll.

Price: $1000
Paid in 2 installments.
Contact Email
Phone: 760-466-7785